News and Events

Join us Monday, April 24, 2017 from 5-9 p.m. at The National Exemplar in Mariemont, Ohio or its fifth annual Great Food for a Great Cause, which benefits Brandon’s Foundation. They can now take your dinner reservation by phone (513-271-2103). All net proceeds for dine-in and carry out orders during 5 - 9 p.m. will go to Brandon’s Foundation to fund head and neck cancer research. See you there!

April is Head & Neck Cancer Awareness Month. Become aware of and act on any symptoms, and ask your dentist if she/he screens for oral cancer during every routine dental exam. Common symptoms of Head & Neck cancers include:

  • Mouth: A white or a red patch on the gums, tongue or the lining of the mouth; a swollen jaw, bleeding or pain in the mouth
  • Nose and sinuses: Clogged sinuses that won’t clear up, chronic sinus infections that don’t respond to antibiotics, nose bleeds, headaches, swollen eyes, pain in the upper teeth
  • Salivary glands: Swollen jaw or chin, numbness or paralysis of the face, pain that won’t go away in the face, chin, or neck
  • Throat (pharynx): Ear pain, problems breathing or speaking, frequent headaches, pain or ringing in the ears, trouble hearing
  • Voice box (larynx): Pain when swallowing, ear pain.