2021 Journal Mentions

March 15, 2022

During 2021, these head and neck cancer research reports noted Brandon’s Foundation as source of funding:

Newton HS, Chimote AA, Arnold MJ, Wise-Draper, TM & Conforti L (2021). Targeted knockdown of the adenosine A2A receptor by lipid NPs rescues the hemotaxis of head and neck cancer memory T cells. Mol Ther Methods Clin Dev; 21:133-143,


Newton HS, Gawali VS, Chimote AA, Lehn MA, et al (2020). PD1 blockade enhances K+ channel activity, Ca2+ signaling, and migratory ability in cytotoxic T lymphocytes of patients with head and neck cancer. J Immunother Cancer; 8(2);1-16, (A more user-friendly explanation of this research may be found via Channeling the Immune System – New findings uncover clues into why immunotherapy only works for some with head and neck cancer,