A Mid-year Update

A Mid-year Update

This year seems to be hurrying by! In a few weeks She's Crafty, the all-female Beastie Boys tribute, and sponsor Revolution Brewing put on one heck of show to honor Adam Yauch, the Beastie Boys' MCA, at Lincoln Hall on August 17 for MCA Day Chicago 2019! The line-up of performers is incredible. This is a not-to-be-missed experience for anyone who lives anywhere in the Chicago vicinity. If you like more than a bit of hip-hop, this is as good as it gets! All proceeds will benefit Brandon's Foundation. Head and neck cancer research also took the life of Adam Yauch (MCA) on May 4, 2012 - just a month before Brandon's passing from this disease. 

The April 29th Great Food for a Great Cause (GF4GC) netted the highest amount of any year thus far - $4212 for research! Brandon's Foundation appreciates the entire staff at The National Exemplar and The Phoenix Group for holding this event and donating their evening food and beverage sale proceeds to his foundation to help end head and neck cancer. We also thank the patrons who dined in or carried out that evening to make GF4GC 2019 such a success! 

Soon we should receive information from the University of Cincinnati (UC) about the top head and neck cancer research proposals that are to be reviewed for the foundation's $25,000 grant award. This grant funding was forwarded to UC after February's Mardi Gras MASKerade, which generated $29,500 for head and neck cancer research thanks to you!

June 2nd marked the seventh year of Brandon's passing. It is beyond an understatement to say he continues to be greatly missed by family and friends. We don't move on, but we do move forward. Blessings to all who help our efforts to end head and neck cancer through research.