MCA Day Chicago

May 4, 2013 - Brandon's Foundation has been chosen as one of two charities that will benefit from the proceeds of MCA Day Chicago on Saturday evening, May 4th, which marks one year since the death of Beastie Boys MCA (Adam Yauch) from a head and neck cancer. Organized by She's Crafty, Chicago's all-female Beastie Boys tribute band, the activities are to begin at 9 p.m. at Underground Wonder Bar, 710 N. Clark Street, Chicago. Brandon's brother Joe has been asked to speak and introduce the Foundation. Joe will be wearing Brandon's favorite Beastie Boys t-shirt, which Brandon is wearing in the photo paired with Adam Yauch's photo for the MCA Day Facebook page on Father's Day, June 17, 2012 - two weeks after Brandon's death. Brandon took the photo of himself in his Beastie Boys t-shirt on Saturday, May 5, 2012 after learning of Adam Yauch's death the day before from a cancer similar to his own. He posted it as his Facebook profile picture in tribute to Mr. Yauch and the courage with which he'd faced the disease and its treatments. For more information on MCA Day Chicago, see She's Crafty's home page at