Blog Entries - Request for proposals

Request for (Research) Proposals - 2016

The Brandon C. Gromada Head & Neck Cancer Foundation sent its 2016 RFP (Request for Proposals) at the end of February to researchers investigating head and neck cancer across the United States. Proposals must be received by March 31st to qualify for a Foundation 2016 grant award. Those meeting Foundation criteria are sent to other head and neck cancer experts for "blind" review. However, the Foundation's Board of Directors makes the final decision regarding the grant awardee(s).

This all sounds far easier than it is! With so many worthy head and neck cancer research projects that need funding, it can be painfully difficult to decide which to help fund. We know it means other promising projects may never get off the ground. 

This process reminds us of how deeply grateful we are to those who have contributed and continue to contribute to Brandon's Foundation, so that at least some innovative projects have a chance to make a difference. And, hopefully, the reason for regular fundraising pleas is understood. 

Thank you so very much for your ongoing interest and help. 

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